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Commercial Fiction / Roman Grand Public

  • The Women He Left Behind
    Les Délaissées

    Denis Monette

    Montréal, Moncton, Toronto and Halifax – four cities, four romantic conquests by former history professor Ludger Vallin. Four women who were promised heaven and earth and eternal devotion, only to be suddenly, shockingly, left high and dry. [...]

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  • The Garden of Dr. Des Oeillets
    Le Jardin du docteur Des Œillets

    Denis Monette

    In 1929, Narcisse Des Oeillets, a young local doctor, marries Marguerite Fougère. When they first meet, they come up with the outlandish idea of planting a garden and naming their future children after the flowers that grow there. Rose, Iris, [...]

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  • Four Days of Rain
    Quatre jours de pluie

    Denis Monette

    Plus de 36 000 exemplaires vendus au Québec!

    Over 36,000 copies sold in Quebec!

    On the last weekend of July in 2008, three former college friends in their early 40s assemble at a cottage in Ste-Anne-des-Lacs to reconnect and recount where life has taken them since they parted ways after college. Happily anticipating a weekend [...]

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  • Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Baptiste Rouet
    M. et Mme Jean-Baptiste Rouet

    Plus de 38 000 exemplaires vendus au Québec!

    Over 38,000 copies sold in Quebec!

    Abandoned at birth in 1882, Jean-Baptiste Rouet is taken in by the village piano teacher. The young boy experiences the love of his adoptive mother for only a few years before her untimely death. He is then shuffled from orphanage to foster homes, [...]

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  • The Parishioner
    La Paroissienne

    Denis Monette

    Plus de 40 000 exemplaires vendus au Québec!

    Over 40,000 copies sold in Quebec!

    To escape the daily drudgery of life with his ailing wife Thérèse, Rhéaume Bréard goes to his neighbourhood park every day. One morning in September 1960, he chances on a pretty fortysomething woman in the park. To his great surprise, she tells him [...]

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  • One Beautiful Morning
    Par un si beau matin

    Denis Monette

    Plus de 43 000 exemplaires vendus au Québec!

    Over 43,000 copies sold in Quebec!

    Just as they are about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, Jeanne and Marital Durelle decide to separate, each taking control of their lives and going their own way rather than dying of boredom together. The decision generates mixed [...]

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  • Adele and Amelie
    Adèle et Amélie

    Denis Monette

    Plus de 20 000 exemplaires vendus au Québec!

    Over 20,000 copies sold in Quebec!

    Adele and Amelie are sisters. Raised in a family steeped with jealousy, hatred and envy, the eldest sister feels compelled to meddle with the life of her younger sister. Amelie, overwhelmed by a great love and Adele, the victim of many romantic [...]

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