The Bridal Bouquets

ISBN : 9781895919622
Date de parution : novembre 1996
Sujet : Littérature québécoise
Nombre de pages : 432 pages
Statut : Épuisé

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The Bridal Bouquets

Par l'auteur Denis Monette

Three marriages, three divorces... Can Victoire Desmeules really hope to find happiness in a fourth union? With each toss of the bouquet, she has tried... and failed. Even her only son finds himself cast aside in her desperate quest for love.
Ambitious, career-driven, Victoire sacrifices everything for success, only to lose it all - her youth along with her fortune. From one marriage to the next, her dreams collapse, finally chipping away her sanity in spite of the efforts of her sister Suzelle, to save her. But what is the real cause of her despair? The never ending succession of one-night stands, the need to drown her memories in alcohol, the constant compulsion to love with her body and never with her soul!
Provocative, touching, at times shocking, The Bridal Bouquets is the story of a woman whose cries of anguish evoke compassion even as they repel - a woman whose troubled life may, finally, prove that there are those who were simply not born to be happy.

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